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Patricia Goode - Artist

Patricia studied art and design at Salisbury College of Art, and lithography with Prof Ramos Guillem-Poquie in Kensington, London. She also studied Art Therapy and painting with Meera, a renowned Japanese artist who greatly influenced her work. Patricia studies portrait painting periodically with  Anthony Connolly, R.S.P.P.

Patricia is a versatile artist using oil, acrylic, ink and watercolour, and mixed media experimenting with various supports and texture to emphasise and express her subject matter. Her painting is inspired by music, literature, poetry, and sacred texts, and she frequently illustrates her own writing, painting her vision of nature and the elements in a profound way, the viewer is drawn into an atmospheric and unique world where imagination and ephemeral light become a reality. Patricia also draws and paints music, theatre, festivals and other live performance.

She has had solo and shared exhibitions in the UK and in Europe, and painted murals in London, Oxford, Salisbury, Bournemouth and Exeter, Zurich and Munich.

“I find Patricia’s pictures call on me to engage fully with them. It is like entering into a conversation where the full depth and intensity of each is gradually revealed.


Through her exquisite use of colour and emerging form, Patricia reveals that which is normal hidden from everyday view – ‘the magic’ that is often overlooked.


By connecting to that, I find their effect on the viewer to be truly healing.”


Liz Bines

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