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Patricia gives painting demonstrations to Art clubs (subject and theme of choice), and painting workshops for all ages and artistic experience.

The teaching is focused on encouraging everyone on their creative journey, bringing new techniques and use of mediums to explore freedom of expression.

Sometimes she includes finding inspiration from music and poetry,and bringing favourite natural objects and flowers.

These times of community and sharing will be especially important after times of isolation and stress .

Patricia also gives individual tuition to small groups in her studio,one or two people.

If you'd like any further details, please email Patricia.

Art club demonstrations - £130

Materials included;  Usually 2 to 3 hrs


Day workshops - £180

Usually 10 30 - 3 pm 


Day independent workshops and groups.   £40 per person;  10 30 - 3pm


Individual tuition. £35 per hour/ Two hours £40

These prices may change according to venue costs.

​​"I expect to teach in approved venues such as community halls, and outside on location..en plain air."

The Leonard Stanley Art Club

A great day of creativity - encouraging and demonstrating.

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